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Resources for bicycle travellers, hikers, and other vagabonds

if you're travelling on the cheap in central or south america and want to give something back, here's a great site listing volunteer opportunities that don't involve paying thousands of dollars to some middleman gringo organization offering "volunteer vacations".

Community Bike Programs: Worldwide Directory
taking over the world - one bike at a time!
Check out the rest of the ibike.org website too - it's awesome.

this is a great resource for anyone into cycle touring or reading about it - hundreds of personal journals, chocked full of information about touring realities all over the world, and tons of other info, all in a simple non-commercial format.

a similar service, but for long distance trail hikers.

another great resource: connecting bicycle tourists and those who generously make their homes available to those of us out on the road.

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Alex's journals

December 2018 - present
the road to nowhere

Spring 2016
Arizona Trail / Grand Canyon

June 2015-Jan 2016
Pacific Coast Hike

Summer/Fall 2014
Oregon Coast Trail

Trans Canada Trail Section Hikes
2014    2016    2018

April 2012
Sunshine Coast

August 2011 - March 2012
From the Great White North to the Land of Fire; Part One

July 2010
Northbound Cascades

March-October 2009
Pacific Crest Trail

March-November 2008
East by Northwest

June-November 2006
Along the continental divide

May-August 2003
On the river's edge

Dec 2001-Jan 2002
Arizona Scrapbook

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